Rivalry Between Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone – Over Music Or Over Girl!?

  02 July 2013
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Rivalry Between Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone – Over Music Or Over Girl!? Photo by Joe Bielawa (Justin Bieber); Adam Bielawski (Austin Mahone)

Rivalry between Justin Bieber and upcoming teen star Austin Mahone is growing according to gossips. Also, Selena Gomez, Justin's ex-girlfriend is hanging out with Austin. Could that be a reason for competition?

The word out there is Austin Mahone is aiming for Justin Bieber's place with teen fans. “Austin and Justin already have a rivalry going on. In a way, Austin is the new Justin. There are a ton of similarities — he’s super talented, the girls love him and he’s got a great attitude. And considering how much Justin has been misbehaving lately, Austin has a real chance to take his audience — it’s started already” – a source close to Austin told Hollywood Life.

Also, music a side, Austin Mahon was seen spending time with Selena Gomez, with whom Justin Bieber ended relationship just weeks ago.
Is Austin trying to take everything from Justin or is this just another publicity story? You be the judge.


  • Comment Link jozlyn jozlyn - 15 July 2013

    austin couldnt take beliebers away from justin even if he wanted to... JELIEBERS ARE UNBREAKABLE THE SOONER YOU FIGURE IT OUT THE BETTER

  • Comment Link Lana54 Lana54 - 04 July 2013

    They are not rivals, they are friends!

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