Zayn Malik, One Direction star, is definitely dating someone else. He was engaged with Perrie Edwards, but now it looks like the engagement is not on anymore. Zayn was seen holding hands with another girl!


Katy Perry definitely doesn't want to be friends with Taylor Swift, according to the latest gossips. After a really long time of bad blood between the two singers, Taylor tried to make things right, but it looks like Katy has her mind set.

Harry Styles celebrated his birthday without inviting his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The gossips say Harry didn't want to invite Taylor because he would have to babysit her all night! Is this the real reason or did the two exes cool their relationship one again?

According to the latest celebrity gossips Justin Bieber is dating Hailey Baldwin, but Hailey is not in a hurry to be called Justin's girlfriend. The reason for it is she didn't like the way the last girlfriend was treated.

Justin Bieber is jealous, which is perfectly normal, because his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez has moved on with her love life. But, this is not the only reason for Justin to be angry. It looks like Selena is dating their mutual friend – Zedd.

Liam Payne, One Direction's singer is getting engaged according to the newest rumours. Liam Payne was seen getting out of Tiffany store in New York on December 19 carrying a small bag and everybody assumed he was a buying a ring for his girlfriend Sophia Smith.

Sony Pictures has been hacked and as a result some emails were leaked. This is how we learned Sony Pictures thinks Angelina Jolie was a „minimally talented" and a „spoiled brat". The email was about how Angelina reacted when she got the news that David Fincher refused to do a remake of the movie Cleopatra in which Angelina was supposed to star.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are definitely flirting with each other again and with the idea of getting back together!

These two exes partied at the Victoria Secret after party. So, are they back together or not?

Justin Bieber found himself a new girlfriend despite everybody waiting for him and Selena to get back together for the hundredth time.

Justin is apparently dating Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Stephen Baldwin.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift might get back together! Despite all the bad things from their break up it looks like the couple might rekindle their romance. Harry Styles is sending texts to Taylor in effort to get back with her. Now it remains for us to wait and see if Taylor will accept Harries apology.

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