Harry Styles and Taylor Swift might get back together! Despite all the bad things from their break up it looks like the couple might rekindle their romance. Harry Styles is sending texts to Taylor in effort to get back with her. Now it remains for us to wait and see if Taylor will accept Harries apology.

Austin Mahone has a new girlfriend – Fifth Harmony singer, Camila Cabello. This was only a rumour by now, but Camila Cabello confirmed she is dating Austin Mahone. Andy Cohen managed to find the truth for us on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live when he asked who Austin Mahone's girlfriend is.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West apparently enjoy a very happy imaginary marriage. It seems like these two don't even see each other very often. Romance was never in the picture, it was always a business arrangement, according to an insider.

Selena Gomez has found herself a distraction from Justin Bieber. Once again, Orlando Bloom stepped in to help Selena recover from a bad break up.
If you were wondering who won in the fight Orlando Bloom had with Justin Bieber, we should ask Selena.
Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were seen together on Monday at LAX.

Chris Noth, or as all like to remember him Mr Big talked about his role in Sex and the City for News.com.au, about how people saw him and about how people saw Carrie Bradshaw. Chris revealed the show changed his life.

Selena Gomez is once again being played by Justin Bieber. But, people don't blame Justin anymore. This time Selena is the one that fans are angry with because it looks like she likes playing a fool. Justin Bieber is partying in Rome while Selena is worried about the fight they had.

Robert Pattinson is in love again according to the latest gossips. Rob has a new girlfriend – singer Tahliah Debrett Barnett (FKA Twigs). These two were spotted holding hands in Venice Beach. Did Rob finally given up from Kristen Stewart?

Taylor Swift gave an interview for Rolling Stone magazine and revealed she had an enemy in the music world - another singer that wass malicious to her. Based on what Taylor said about the singer that disliked her, it was concluded she was talking about Katy Perry. Find out what did Katy Perry allegedly do to Taylor Swift!

Ariana Grande and Big Sean are secretly dating, according to the gossips, though we never really heard either of them confirming this rumour. Most recently, the two were spotted holding hands at the MTV VMA's, but it was also reported they kissed at the movies. Ariana's rep denied this rumour, but we know where there is smoke there is fire.

Beyonce and Jay Z are having a divorce after all. After so many gossips about how the couple not being in love anymore we finally have some more information. It looks like Beyoncé asked her friend Gwyneth Paltrow about divorce advice. Beyonce is obviously preparing for separation from her husband and rapper Jay Z. Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for six years.

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